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Welcome to Wine Painting and decorating

Wine Painting and Decorating is a painting services company based in St Merrylands, NSW. Our company specialising in painting services in Sydney, is not too old and we basically set up shop about two years ago in the year 2016. But our experience precedes us and we have over 10 years of experience in painting and decorating services.

Our painting and decorating services primarily focuses on domestic painting and decorating and commercial painting and decorating and interior and exterior painting for businesses and homes anywhere in North Sydney or the Sydney CBD areas.

When it comes to painting and decorating, our painting artists and painters know not just a thing or two but a great deal. Accordingly, the approaches to either an interior, exterior or residential or commercial painting service are vastly different and our painter goes about it accordingly.

Yes. If you try us once, you will find out for yourself as you can distinctly see the difference in the service our cheap painter renders and see how well the job was undertaken in your home or commercial space anywhere in the Sydney CBD or Sydney vicinities.

A couple USPs that distinguish Wine Painting and Decorating would be:

A friendly business- We have a pleasing demeanour and we believe in interacting with clients’ regularly while on the job.

Hardworking and customer- oriented- Yes customer satisfaction is our key focus. And to help achieve this, we are committed and hardworking too.

Quality products at best prices- We use only quality products and the same are offered at cheap and best prices. And our contractor recommends and uses only Dulux paints and paint products.

If you are looking for a free no obligations quote from Wine Painting and Decorating services in Sydney and you also want some additional information about the best artists, painters and decorators in Sydney or the North Sydney neighbourhood, or just want to speak to our contractor as you have some paint queries, then just connect with us on our number 0413 185 034 or you may write to us at ejavid44@gmail.com.

Our Services


  • Residential painting and decorating service

Now what is residential painting and decorating service? As the name itself suggests, any painting and decorating work carried out in a house or residence is what a residence painting and decorating service is all about.

  • Commercial painting and decorating service

Now commercial painting and decorating is vastly different from a residential painting. Yes, it is a painting platform, but it happens on a larger scale and it is a lot more comprehensive.



Address :

unit 3/49-51 Manchester st Merrylands NSW 2160

Phone :

0413 185 034

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